2019, August

We're giving a talk at the Word and Play festival on August 3rd, 2pm

Our talk on SHI•RO and Klickhüpfguck will focus on research and story-telling. Come to Neuruppin’s World and Play festival on August 3rd. We are looking forward to spilling some secrets about SHI•RO’s second story :-).

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2019, June

Performance Gazing Figures at Kunst#Quer#Kopf conference in Braunschweig

From the 5th to the 7th of June, we’ve performed Gazing Figures at HBK Braunschweig. We were invited to join the conference Kunst#Quer#Kopf on the intersections of the neuro sciences and the arts. Kunst#Quer#Kopf consisted of a speaker line-up, workshops and an exhibition. Especially the students who helped with the exhibition and the two highly motivated professors organizing Kunst#Quer#Kopf made these days very memorable.

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2019, January

SHI•RO is out on Android!

After weeks of testing and tweaking, we are excited to release SHI•RO on Android today. Get it on Google Play and have fun solving all the challenging puzzles we made for you.

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2018, december

Disrupt Encode Consolidate Workshop at Lancaster University

We had the most interesting time during the Disrupt Encode Consolidate Workshop at Lancaster University. The workshop took place from the 17th to the 19th of December. During talks, workshops, performances, lab sessions and dinners neuroscientists from the SynaNET network and professional artists gave insight into their practice, methodologies and works. Our talk took place in the university’s lab, which was an exciting setting to experiment with our VR suit GAZING FIGURES that allows one to see with one’s knees and wrists. We learned so much from everyone who organized and participated in the workshop and will share more about it in a longer blogpost soon. Spoiler: We learned how to slice the brain of a mouse into very thin layers that are used for research on schizophrenia 🐭.

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